Buy Dedicated Residential Proxy IPs.

Start at $2.5 low price highly anonymous multiple country Residential or Data-center Https & Socks5 Proxies and private Remote Desktop.

Private IPs


High Speed, Multiple Location Dedicated Data-Center, Static & Rotating Fully Anonymous Proxy IP.

Sneakers, SEO, Gaming, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube

Residential IPs


(USA- AT&T, Verizon, Spectrum, Sprint, Comcast, Level3, Hang-Tong)
(UK- White-Label, Hydra, Adoard Global, Stem Connect, Cogent)
(Italy- Global LLC), (Germany- Slotstransfag), (Canada- Altima Tel, Cogent), (NL- WeltNet)

Remote Desktop


Residential RDP Only For USA. (ISP- Spectrum, AT&T, Verizon Fios, Comcast, CenturyLink.

Private Data-Center RDP
Any country With Multiple Location.
Windows 10/ Server12/16/19, Linux.

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Instant Activation

Once completes your payment process, proxies are automatically activated instantly.


Theipking all proxies are highly secure with 100% Anonymous.

Residential Proxies

We're offering multiple countries ( USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, etc) Residential home ISP fresh proxy IPs.

Data-Center Proxies

We're offering 30 countries data-center fresh proxy IP. We're constantly working to grow our list.


We are offering Dedicated proxies with Dedicated servers.


We have 100+ locations proxy IP. For each proxy, you can select a specific city, state, or country.


You wanna use a username and password for authentication in your proxies? Don't worry, you can change the password of your proxy IP address.

Self Control

You can select each individual proxy IP by subnet serial. The proxy you purchase will be completely under your control.

Fast Speed

Use Theipking proxies at fast speed with 1-10 Gbps network speed.

Unlimited Bandwidth

You can use your monthly proxy IPs without any bandwidth limit. That's means unlimited bandwidth.


99.9% uptime on our proxy server. You can use proxy IP without any leaks.